KP Brehmer, Fred Lonidier, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Seth Siegelaub, Hannah Weinberger, Charlotte Posenenske, Marja Bloem, Willem de Rooij, Sven Augustijnen, Natasha Hoare, E.C. Feiss & Remco Torenbosch
28.11.2015 — 16.01.2016
Seth Siegelaub
text  | work
Seth Siegelaub (US, 1941 – 2013) ran his own New York gallery from 1964 to 1966, through which he became a critical key to development of conceptual art. After giving up the gallery, he experimented with the exhibition format resulting in 21 exhibitions that changed artistic production and reception dramatically. In the early eighties, he began collecting books about textiles, later expanding into textiles themselves, and in 1986 founded the Center for Social Research on Old Textiles. In the late nineties, he compiled the first general bibliography on the history of textiles ‘Bibliographica Textilia Historiae’, which to date exceeds 9,000 entries online. To bring together his varied range of projects: contemporary art, textile history, and time and causality research,Siegelaub instituted the Stichting Egress Foundation in Amsterdam in the early 2000s.