Musical Material #3
Lucio Capece & Leo Svirsky
Musical Material #3: Lucio Capece & Leo Svirsky
Sunday November 27th | from 16.00
Location: West in Huis Huguetan, Lange Voorhout 34 The Hague

Musical Material is a series of inspiring encounters on Sunday afternoons hosted by Rewire and West Den Haag, during which specialists in the fields of music, art and reflection test and discuss their work in an intimate setting. For this third edition, we welcome Argentinian-born electro-acoustic musician Lucio Capece and The Hague-based composer, pianist and accordeonist Leo Svirsky. Next to the talks both artists will present a performance.

Lucio Capece Based in Berlin, Argentinian-born artist and musician Lucio Capece devises intricate installations using noises and pitched sounds to draw attention to surrounding space and the perceptual experience. Although a classically trained guitarist and saxophonist in the vein of jazz legend John Coltrane, Capece is renowned for his unconventional solo performances that incorporate a rather unique set of tools - helium balloons, pendulums, analog synthesizers, sine waves and noise generators, and ultraviolet lights - to generate improvised electro-acoustic explorations. Treating sound as a living creature, he digs into its granular characteristics and extremes to produce organic sonic landscapes free of a perceptive narrative.

Leo Svirsky
Leo Svirsky is a composer, improviser, pianist and accordeonist residing in The Hague. With a background is in classical piano, he was drawn to contemporary music, improvisation and composition, becoming an active member of the new and improvised music scenes. Svirsky’s works explore the instability of listening itself, examining how this instability transforms the perception of musical semantics and affect. Despite the emphasis on disorientations of memory and spatial awareness, his improvisational compositions remain rooted in song and story.