Thuistezien 85 — 12.06.2020

No View, The Radio XII
Pane, Both Sides
Edgars Rubenis

About Pane, Both Sides, Edgars Rubenis has to say: ‘Subtitled “peripheral ear in an urban setting”, this piece is a rendering of material which explores shades of sonorous awareness — the ear as it covers the field among focused and background-tracing modes of listening. Conceived for the common every-day sound system and an open window, “Pane, Both Sides” is a piece to put on and forget that it's running; a piece to be encountered only once it brings itself through the flow of tasks at one’s hand.’ Edgars Rubenis is a Latvian composer currently based in the Hague. His work serves as studies of lived experience, in relation to and often influenced by our perceptions of acoustic phenomena. Minimal in nature and frequently employing sparse instrumentation to create the desired result, his compositions search for what might be the indispensable soundings on which the broader acoustic awareness is built. Often meditative, at times almost static, they function as sculptures within space.

About the series: No View, The Radio
The arts are taking a break. Theaters, museums, concert halls and galleries are closed. To a large extent, the art that is so desperately needed right now is inaccessible. Imagine being quarantined at home without films, without books, without music. Though we may not access the art, we can still think about it. The enforced rupture of this isolation can also be an opportune moment to reflect on and from, the arts. Every Friday for the upcoming weeks we will showcase original musical works by different artists, selected by Alex Andropoulos.