Gustav Metzger: the Consience of the Art World
26 january 2018

‘Gustav Metzger: Ethics into Aesthetics’ is the first solo exhibition of the artist since his death in March 2017. Focusing on Gustav's art and his belief in its power to contribute to social action and change, as well as the intertwining of history, politics and transformation in his work, the exhibition places works from over a 50-year period in dialogue with each other and with the public. As part of the exhibition programme, a symposium titled ‘Gustav Metzger: Conscience of the Art World’, will take place in The Hague, The Netherlands on Friday 26 January 2018. During a series of panel discussions, in-conversations and talks, speakers from around the world will discuss their perspectives on Gustav’s work, as well as their personal and professional relationship to him and his practice. Topics include the legacy of auto-destructive art, the aftermath of ‘Symposium of Destruction in Art (DIAS)’, and the impact of artists as they become more politically engaged in their work.

The full program will be available soon.