Katerina Sidorova
22.07.2022 — 02.10.2022
Pelmeni: A Cooking Conversation
24.09.22 at 18:00 hrs

Together with artist Vlada Predelina, guests will cook pelmeni, known as a Russian national dish. This is part of a longer-term project that looks into the origins of pelmeni from the semi-nomadic Uralic hunters' sustenance to their present status as a national dish of Russia. The name originates from the Udmurt language: pel’ nyan’ meaning ‘ear bread’. Using them as a listening tool, we will open up discussions about unwritten histories, knowledges and their meaning in the current context.

Vlada Predelina
Born in 1991, Ekaterinburg, Russia, Vlada Predelina lives and works in Rotterdam (NL) and London (UK). Her work looks into the meaning of home and sense of place through a range of mediums such as the collective making of food, natural dyes, bioplastics, ceramics and documenting uses of native plants alongside intimate discussions and situated histories. Currently undertaking MA in Fine Arts at HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht where she is researching the role of tacit knowledges of women in relation to land and colonial expansion. Since 2020 she has been working as part of Eathouse collective. This is an artist collective initiated to provide healthy affordable food, a generous meeting point and workshops on the topics of food culture, gathering and sustainable ways of living, with three other artists: Jake Caleb, Merve Kılıçer and Ulufer Çelik.

The screening of Milo Rau’s documentary ‘The Moscow Trials’. The film sheds light on the political trials that sheds light onto the political trials that were held against activists in the summer of 2012.

Reserve your seat at the table including a free meal: https://PelmeniDH.eventbrite.nl